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Han - Director: Toko Shiiki, Composer: Jung Yoon Wie,
Dancers: Rie Kim, Jun Wakabayashi
Musicians: Converge String Quartet (Megan Rohrer, Malhar Kute, Ryan McDonald, Hanna Rumora)

Ouroboros - Director/ Director of Photography/ Editor: Toko Shiiki, Story: Graem Whyte
Series produced by Donald Harrison and Kresge Arts in Detroit.


Trailer - "A Thousand Pebbles on the Ground" (2021)
Director/Producer/Cinematographer/Editor: Toko Shiiki
Roger is a medical lab technician near Philadelphia working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic; he is Chinese-American and facing rising anti-Asian sentiment, he’s grieving the loss of his father, but he loves to perform and make people laugh.

Trailer - "Rachel" (2022)
Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Toko Shiiki
Animator Rachel Reid talks about how to be an animator and encourages others to follow their dream.
Series produced by Donald Harrison and Kresge Arts in Detroit.

"In the Wake of..." - This is a reconstruction of a series of “eureka" moments "carved into" filmmaker Toko Shiiki by the revered Japanese poet Gozo Yoshimasu/ 吉増剛造 (born 1939, Tokyo).
Stary: Gozo Yoshimasu

Director/Producer/Writer/Cinematographer/Editor/Sound Design: Toko Shiiki

Music Composer: Erik Santos

Special Thanks: University of Iowa – The International Writing Program, The Japanese Program, The Center for Asian and Pacific Studies. A project of the Japan Foundation Institutional Project Support to the University of Iowa, 2016.

"We Women Weave"
This is an excerpt from a film showing the process of 8 women creating a special bond and finding powerful each self, voice, and wisdom all together by developing a performance group.
Director/Director of Photography/Editor: Toko Shiiki
Producer: Fred Collin, Donald Harrison
Sound Design: Soundopolis, LLC

Trailer – "Over The Sky" この空を越えて 
A short documentary about the power of music as seen through a music teacher and her junior high school brass band who live around the coastal area in Fukushima affected by the 2011 disasters.
Director: Toko Shiiki, Sound Engineer: Erik Santos
(theme song: "Rolling On" written by October Babies, Arranged and performed by Kuniyoshi Kiyosu)
This film is available on Academic Video Online:

Trailer – "Passing the Baton" つなぐひと 

A documentary about the Niida-Honke chief sake brewer Yasuhiko Niida in Koriyama Fukushima Japan.

This film is available on Academic Video Online:

Music Video

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