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A Thousand Pebbles on the Ground on PBS

I'm thrilled to announce that my documentary, "A Thousand Pebbles on the Ground," will be aired on PBS starting in May 2023! (May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month!) Please check your local PBS station or access the PBS App for online streaming! (Some people told me they watched it on the APP! Thank you!) --- Back in 2020, I sent Roger recording equipment and asked him to record his thoughts and also experiences in and outside the hospital where he works, like Vlog! He shared intimate, honest stories. So, I made the recordings into a film. (I also visited his place and filmed ) I have never done this type of remote filmmaking before! But I trusted Roger as he would share something important, and he did! I hope people hear Roger's important message! THANK YOU for supporting the broadcast, Donald Harrison at 7 Cylinders Studio, and Angel Vasquez!! Without both of your support, I won't be able to get the opportunity! Truly, grateful........ SO! Please check it out!!!


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