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1. Midlife; chapter 1 & 2

Midlife - Chapter 1.

This is my story of midlife awakening. The concept for this photographic project arrived while I was constructing some egg shell forms; In the middle of a journey, I'm in-between birth and death.

After long conversation about "midlife" with my husband, age 42, I felt - very clearly - that I must do this photo project with him. This project is not a fantasy for me, it is an inner-life documentary.

Poised between now and now, the series continues….


Midlife - Chapter 2. In between birth and death, a man lost his identity. Once he believed that he was a survivor of the rough road. He thought his life was OK. Where, when, did he start thinking he chose the wrong path and lost the idea of "who he is?

He found a face, and somehow began moving forward, again..

What has he seen, what has he felt, and what has he dreamed of?

I started this project as the story of my husband, and I expected this story would be for anyone in their midlife. While working on the project, however, I discovered that it is perhaps my own inner-life documentary at this point of my life. Now what? Where am I going? I still don't know. But.… I know I'm here now.

Toko Shiiki

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